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November 1-2, 2024

Anna Angelova.jpg

Anna Angelova

     Anna grew up in a small town in Northern Bulgaria where the lively local festivities (sabors) and traditional ceremonies kindled her interest in folklore at an early age. Anna’s dance adventures started when she joined the town’s folk dance ensemble where she learned from esteemed choreographers and performed along experienced dancers throughout her youth years.

     Upon coming to Boston to further her education, Anna got introduced to the internationally acclaimed Ahmet Luleci’s Collage Dance Ensemble: a unique experience that unlocked passion and appreciation for the greater Balkan magic, and beyond. The 8 years Anna spent performing with Collage on local and national stages were instrumental for her growth as a dancer - from professional attitude to stage presence to polished style to authentic connection with our ancestors through Ahmet’s vibrant choreographies. In 2022, Anna was honored to teach Bulgarian Dance at Ahmet Luleci’s annual World Camp in Rock Hill, New York.

     With the start of her own family in Boston, Anna felt the need to be more involved in the local Bulgarian community. This is when she joined Ludo Mlado, a Bulgarian folk ensemble led by Pepi Petrov and Marieta Mircheva. Anna connected with Ludo Mlado’s mission to preserve the rich dance traditions of Bulgaria. An outstanding moment with Ludo Mlado was the opportunity to participate in the Chicago Folk Festival VEREA.

     In addition to her continuous dive into the richness of authentic Bulgarian folklore, Anna has been intrigued by the expressive and passionate rhythms of the Romani dances, thus seeking to acquire further dance knowledge of their intricate folklore.
    At this year's Autumn Leaves, Anna will teach a variety of Bulgarian dances. NIFD is delighted to host her for our 39th annual Autumn Leaves international folk dance workshop.

Casa Azafran Global Education’s Studio South
2195 Nolensville Pike, Suite 3 | Nashville, TN 37211 | Phone: 615-291-4672

We’ll hold our thirty-eighth anniversary Autumn Leaves at Casa Azafran in Nashville, just a quick hop off interstate I-24. Please join us at Autumn Leaves XXXVIII for a fabulous weekend of dance, music, fellowship, and FUN! In the interest of cutting down on plastic waste, we encourage participants to bring a reusable water bottle or cup. Thanks.

Parking: If the parking is full in front of Casa Azafran on Friday night, there is a back parking lot. Access to it is on Nolensville Road, just past Casa Azafran if you are traveling towards downtown (North). There is a driveway on the left, just past the building and before the sign that reads Park at Melrose Place. I am told the back lot is well lit and safe. If that lot is full, there is additional parking on Nolensville road going away from town (South) on the same side of Nolensville as Casa Azafran. It is a little grassy lot, just past Payless Auto Sales, we are advised to pull all the way in and around to face out at the front of the lot.

Below is a map to the dance site:

Schedule and Fees:

Cost: Registration for all sessions and dance party: $70 ($85 if paid after Oct.14)
Individual Sessions are prorated as follows:
Session I, $20; Session II, $30; Session III, $30; Dance Party, $10
wo options will be available for purchase: either a video DVD or MP4 video download of the review.

To register in advance, click on the PDF registration file, print out and mail the payment and registration form.

PDF registration forms to be posted soon

Send your check payable to "NIFD" or "Nashville International Folk Dancers" and the above PDF registration form (or equivalent info) to:
Kate Croy
PO Box 148784

Nashville, TN. 37214

Autumn Leaves XXXIX Schedule
(Times below are Central Daylight Time)

Friday, November 1
7:00pm - 8:00pm Registration & Request Dancing
8:00pm - 9:30pm Session 1: Teaching ($20 if you are a walk-in)
9:30pm - 10:30pm Extra Request Dancing

Saturday, November 2
am - 12:30pm Session II: Teaching ($30 if you are a walk-in)
12:30pm - 2:00pm Lunch Break (On your own)
2:00pm - 4:30pm Session III: Dance review session and possibly more dances ($30 if you are a walk-in)
4:30pm - 7:30pm Dinner Break (On your own)
7:30pm - 10:30pm Dance Party ($10 if you are a walk-in) with live music from Tantsova Grupa


Note: This year there is no Sunday session, as the review will be done on Saturday afternoon

Also: Full-time students with IDs pay half price

Requesting Dances for Saturday night dance party: We have around 700 dances in our MP3 collection with which to play your requests. If you have a particular favorite request dance, consider checking our updated dance list at the following link: NIFD Playlist. If you don't see it there, we probably don't have it, so please bring a MP3 of your request on a zip drive and we will be glad to play it and also add it to our collection.

Nearby Hotels
Nearby Restaurants
Past Autumn Leaves Teachers

Contact information:

For more information, email NIFD at

All advanced registration this year is by mail. A flyer with more information and a registration form will be posted soon.



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